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Brown University Projects



  Providence, Rhode Island  

Master Planning
A. Brown Walk Master Plan
B. Historic Main Campus Landscape Assessment
C. Athletic Complex Master Plan
D. South Campus Master Plan
E. Olive Street Corridor

Campus Design
01. Pembroke Front Green Landscape
02. Life Sciences Building Landscape
03. Peter Green House Landscape
04. Creative Arts Building Green
05. South Walk Green
06. Hunter Lab Landscape
07. Athletic Quadrangle
08. Andrews Commons Landscape
09. Miller Metcalf Halls Access
10. Verney Wooley Dining Hall Courtyard
11. Bio Medical Building Plaza
12. Manning Walk

Campus Maintenance Projects
13. Parking Lot Renovation
14. J.W. Wilson Landscape
15. Sharpe Park
16. 94 Waterman Street
17. Greenhouse Frontage
18. Samuel Gerald House Landscape
19. John Hay Library Landscape Restoration
20. Salomon Hall Landscape
21. Lyman Hall Landscape
22. Lincoln Field Benches Landscape
23. Maxey Hall Landscape
24. Caswell Hall Landscape
25. Hegeman Hall Landscape
26. 25 George Street Landscape
27. Shirley Miller Hall Landscape
28. Faculty Club Landscape
29. 26 Benevolent Street Landscape
30. Ann Mary Brown Library Landscape
31. President's House Paving
32. Watson Institute Entry Plaza
33. Barus & Holley Brook St. Frontage
34. King House Landscape
35. Fox Point Daycare Landscape
36. Feinstein House Landscape
37. Perkins Hall Landscape
38. Steinert Hall Landscape
39. Lloyd Avenue Street Trees
40. Angell & Arlington Street Corner

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